Glendale Unit

The Grand Central area is located in Glendale not far, as the crow flies, from the Walt Disney Studio in Burbank… just on the east side of the Golden State Freeway.  It had been the location of the old Glendale municipal airport. 

WED Enterprises (now, Walt Disney Imagineering) has been located at 1401 Flower Street, in the Grand Central area, for many years.

A converted one-story office/warehouse at 1420 Flower Street was taken over by Disney to house some growing units for which there was no space left at the main Burbank lot – and individuals gradually drifted to Glendale in late 1985 as their workspaces were prepared.  The growing computer graphics group moved there in early 1986.  Michael Eisner made a decision to move the Animation group to Glendale to make room for independent producers in the Animation Building on the main lot.  The Animation group moved in early 1986, and additional non-descript buildings were acquired by Disney throughout the Grand Terminal area.

Don Hahn had been aware for some time that the London crew would be unable to complete the animation by the deadline.  He called on Dale and Jane Baer to establish an ‘independent’ crew to complete a portion of the animation.  Another non-descript warehouse, located at 1400 Airway, in the same Grand Terminal area, was repurposed as an animation studio.  The Baers moved into it as soon as there was furniture for laying out portfolios to identify a potential animation crew.

The pretext of it being an independent unit was maintained by it not having Disney in-house mail services for any of the other service links to the main lot or to the other Disney facilities in Glendale.

            new Disney Glendale campus in background



Nowadays, the Grand Central area of Glendale is also home to the DreamWorks Animation campus.  Disney’s Consumer Products campus is a major presence… also, Disney’s KABC-TV, Disney Archives, Disney R&D buildings, and a myriad of other incognito Disney buildings.  The Grand Central airport terminal building has been restored.  It is the location, adjacent to 1400 Airway, at which the Glendale Roger Rabbit crew had its crew photo taken.