Classic Rock Group connections

Even though one can find ‘six degrees’ of almost anybody from anybody else, there are several connections to classic rock groups amongst the people who worked on Who framed Roger Rabbit that are much closer than ‘six degrees.’

Simon Wells, an animator on Who framed Roger Rabbit in London and a director of Hollywood films, is the great-grandson of H.G. Wells.  He went to The Perse School in Cambridge, a preparatory school that was established in 1615.  The Perse School was also the alma mater of David Gilmour, who went on to be one of the founders of Pink Floyd.  Gilmour met Syd Barrett and Roger Waters, who went to the nearby Cambridgeshire High School for Boys.  Gilmour left school and joined a blues-rock band, Jokers Wild, in 1962… a year after Simon Wells was born.

Bob Hoskins appeared as a sleazy manager in Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

Bob Hoskins also appeared, with Sir Laurence Olivier, in Paul Hardcastle’s music video for ‘Just For the Money.’  Roger Chiasson, a Canadian animator who worked on Who framed Roger Rabbit in London also worked on the Hardcastle music video for ‘Just For the Money.’  He did graphics and animation on both ‘Just For the Money’ and ’19’, both from the Paul Hardcastle album, ‘Rainforest.’

Roger Chiasson also designed the album cover for Queen’s ‘It’s a Kind of Magic,’ creating the caricatures of the Queen band members.


Dave Pritchard, from the SFX group at The Forum, is linked to Electric Light Orchestra (ELO).  Dave’s father, also Dave Pritchard, was rhythm guitarist, and later vocalist, with the Nightriders a popular U.K. group.  Roy Wood joined the group and it changed its name to The Idyll Race, then changed the name again to The Idle Race.  Wood moved on and Jeff Lynne joined the group for two albums.  Lynne produced the second album, self-titled, Idle Race, but, although popular, it didn’t achieve the success he was hoping for.  He joined with Roy Wood and formed The Move.  Eventually Wood moved on again and the group morphed into ELO under Lynne’s direction.  Dave Pritchard was in Nightrider/The Idle Race from 1959 until 1971.

The Idle Race
The Idle Race: Jeff Lynne, Dave Pritchard, Roger Spencer, Greg Masters