Tribute to Richard Williams at CTN Animation eXpo – November 23, 2019

I attended CTN animation eXpo and sold a few books, although the primary purpose for attending was to meet people I had only interviewed on the telephone.  I had a terrific week.

Richard Williams, animation director of Who framed Roger Rabbit, died on August 16, 2019.  During the CTN animation eXpo, held in Burbank on Nov. 21-24, a session was scheduled to pay tribute to Richard Williams.  It was called, ‘Life is on Ones.’  The panel was moderated by animator, animation historian, and professor at USC, Tom Sito.  The panel members included:  Kevin Petrilak and Sue Kroyer, who both worked with Williams at his studio in Hollywood, Andreas Deja and James Baxter, who both worked on Who framed Roger Rabbit in London, and Alex Williams and Claire Williams, who also worked on Roger Rabbit in London and are Dick Williams’ children.

l to r: Tom Sito, Kevin Petrilak, Sue Kroyer, Alex Williams, Claire Williams, James Baxter