Lunch at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank

Howard Green, V.P. of Public Relations at Walt Disney Feature Animation, invited me to a lunch at the Disney Studios during the week of the CTN animation eXpo.  He made it very special by also inviting some people who had worked on Who framed Roger Rabbit.  Included were:  Max Howard, Production Manager at Walt Disney U.K. in Camden Town, animators Andreas Deja, Nik Ranieri, and Alex Williams, and the voice of Roger Rabbit, Charles Fleischer.  Howard also invited Burny Mattinson – animator, director, and longest serving employee at Disney (67 years).

(l to r: Howard Green, Andreas Deja, Burny Mattinson, Max Howard, Charles Fleischer, Ross Anderson, Nik Ranieri, Alex Williams, Doy Dalling)



I even had a chance to roam the main studio lot for a little bit.