‘Who Censored Roger Rabbit?’

Who Censored Roger Rabbit? was Gary K. Wolf’s fourth published novel.  It was intended as the fourth book of a four-book contract with Doubleday, but Doubleday rejected it.  They said that it was ‘not categorizable’ and nobody would know where to put it on the bookstore shelves.  Wolf asked them what they would do if somebody brought them The Wizard of Oz, Gulliver’s Travels, or Alice in Wonderland.   Doubleday answered, “Well, we couldn’t sell those either.”  Wolf ultimately received 110 rejections in his attempt to find a publisher for Who Censored Roger Rabbit?.  It was finally published by St. Martin’s Press in 1981.

Who Censored Roger Rabbit? cover - St. Martin's Press reviewer copy, 1981
St. Martin’s Press reviewer copy, 1981


Who Censored Roger Rabbit? cover - St. Martin's Press, 1981
St. Martin’s Press, 1981


Who Censored Roger Rabbit? paperback cover - Ballantine Books, July 1988 (third printing)
Ballantine Books paperback,    3rd printing (July 1988)