61st Annual Academy Awards – March 29, 1989


advertisement for 61st Academy Awards showRichard Williams with Robin Williams and Charles Fleischer at 61st Academy Awards show

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) Oscar ceremony was held at the old Shrine Auditorium on March 29, 1989.  Who framed Roger Rabbit had been nominated for six Oscars.  It won for ‘Best Achievement in Visual Effects’ (with Ken Ralston, Edward Jones, George Gibbs, and Richard Williams receiving Oscar statuettes), ‘Best Achievement in Cinematography’ (with Dean Cundey receiving an Oscar statuette), ‘Best Achievement in Film Editing’ (with Arthur Schmidt receiving an Oscar statuette), and a Special Achievement Oscar was awarded to Richard Williams for Animation Direction and for the creation of Jessica and Roger Rabbit.  The Special Achievement Oscar was awarded to Williams by Charles Fleischer and Robin Williams.

Walt Disney Studios congratulation advertisement to WFRR Oscar winnersAmblin congratulation advertisement for WFRR Oscar winners


Nik Ranieri and Richard Williams at post-Oscar lunchWilliams celebrated the next day at lunch at Chadney’s, a restaurant in Burbank, with an assembly of those in Los Angeles who had worked on Who framed Roger Rabbit.post-Oscar lunch at Chadney's - March 30, 1989


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