Jessica Rabbit statuettes 1

Jessica maquettes were made so that the animators could visualize her from all directions for their drawings.  Dave Spafford created his own maquette before he had even been assigned to the production.  It was based on early character designs.  Other film production figures are shown below.


Jessica Rabbit has always been intriguing and popular.  One of the first official Jessica statuettes was a 1997 sculpture by Henry Alvarez.



In 1998, Kent Melton sculpted a Jessica and Roger set entitled, “Dear Jessica, How Do I Love Thee,” which was released as part of the Walt Disney Classic Collection for the 10th anniversary of the film’s release.


Markrita produced a statuette of Jessica and Roger in 2001, which was sold exclusively in the Art of Disney stores.


In 2002, Giuseppe Armani produced a Jessica porcelain statuette.


In 2004, Kent Melton sculpted, “I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Drawn That Way.”


In 2005, a Cody Reynolds sculpture was released and was available exclusively in the Disney parks.


In 2007, a Disneyland Paris exclusive was sculpted by Jim Shore entitled, “Haute Couture, Jessica Rabbit von Roger.”  In 2007, Disneyland Paris also released a figure called, “Kiss.”