Richard Williams Animation – 13 Soho Square

Richard Williams Animation was located at 13 Soho Square.  Williams built a powerful reputation in British animation, using the proceeds of television and movie theater commercials and animated film titles to fund his personal animation projects.  He was on a journey of mastery and invited animation luminaries such as Art Babbitt and Ken Harris to join him in London.  Art Babbitt conducted classes, not unlike the classes by Don Graham that Walt Disney organized at his studio, in order to raise the quality of the animation his studio would be capable of producing.  Williams even invited artists from competing London studios, believing that everybody’s boat would rise in British animation if the London animation scene could differentiate itself on the quality of its products.

The 1987 Richard Williams Animation Christmas card was created by Errol LeCain.  It showed the RWA employees at the time.  The interior of the giant fold-out card announced the move to The Forum.