‘Who framed Roger Rabbit’ vehicle props at Walt Disney World

The Disney-MGM Studio theme park at Walt Disney World opened on May 1, 1989.  Who framed Roger Rabbit had been released the previous summer and it was a bona fide hit.  Disney/Amblin was following up with a theatrical short, Tummy Trouble, to build the Roger Rabbit brand.  The Roger Rabbit costume character was prominent in Walt Disney World marketing and highly visible at the parks.  Many Who framed Roger Rabbit props were displayed in the Disney-MGM Studio theme park, including several vehicles.  The two largest prop vehicles were the Dipmobile and the Acme steamroller.


The Dipmobile was used in the filming of the Acme Warehouse scenes in London.  A former powerhouse/factory was set dressed to act as the Acme Warehouse.  It is located in the White City/Shepherd’s Bush area of central London, near the White City underground station on the Central line and the Wood Lane underground station on the Circle and Hammersmith & City lines.  George Gibbs led the London-based special effects effort.  The Dipmobile is a converted 10-wheel-drive World War II bridge-building truck.  Its diesel engine was replaced with a 12-horsepower electric motor so that it could be used for indoor filming.  A special gearing system was installed and it was rigged to be driven remotely.  Hydraulics, flashing lights, and a water cannon were added.  The Dipmobile was displayed crashing through a wall at Disney-MGM Studio theme park.  The front end could be seen at the court at the end of the New York street.  The back end was with other Roger Rabbit props in a dining and shopping area.  The Acme steamroller was also set up for photo opportunities.

Dipmobile at Disney-MGM Studio theme parkback of Dipmobile in Disney-MGM Studio theme parkAcme steamroller at Disney-MGM Studio theme park

Later on, both the Dipmobile and the steamroller were moved along the route of the studio tram tour… with many other film vehicle props.Dipmobile on Studio tram tour

Acme steamroller on tram tour