30th Anniversary charity screening at the Los Angeles Theater – June 16, 2018


The Los Angeles Conservancy organized a 30th anniversary charity screening of Who framed Roger Rabbit at the Los Angeles Theater on Broadway in historic downtown Los Angeles on June 16th.  Over 1,500 people attended the screening in one of Los Angeles’ last grand movie palaces.  Prior to the screening, Don Hahn was the moderator for a discussion with Charles Fleischer and Joanna Cassidy.  Hahn asked veterans of the film to stand – the attendees included: Tony Anselmo, Dave Bossert, Joanna Cassidy, Kent Culotta, Charles Fleischer, Raul Garcia, Don Hahn, Greg Manwaring, Sylvia Pompei, Nik Ranieri, Pat Sito, Tom Sito, Dave Spafford, Debbie Spafford, and Frans Vischer.

Los Angeles is the perfect place to attend a screening of the film – the theme of the Cloverleaf freeways expediting travel within Los Angeles strikes an amusing and ironic note for inhabitants of Los Angeles.  Who framed Roger Rabbit holds up very well and it was a privilege to see it again on the big screen.  It was also a privilege to be included in the post-screening gathering of the animation veterans at Clifton’s… across Broadway from the theater.


Don Hahn introducing ‘Who framed Roger Rabbit’ vets


Charles Fleischer with fan

L to R: Nik Ranieri, Tom Sito, Raul Garcia, Kent Cullotta, Frans Vischer

L to R: Sylvia Pompei, Debbie Spafford, Dave Spafford, Kent Culotta, Tom Sito, Pat Sito, Raul Garcia, Nik Ranieri, Greg Manwaring (foreground)


Greg Manwaring, Ross Anderson, Dave Spafford