Roger Rabbit at Walt Disney World


Roger Rabbit was to have a large presence at Walt Disney World.  Roger Rabbit’s Hollywoodland was to be located in the Disney-MGM Studios theme park (now called, Disney’s Hollywood Studios), where Rock ‘N’ RollerCoaster is situated on Sunset Boulevard.  It was to include three rides, the Red Car Terminal Bar, Toontown Diner, and Maroon Studios.  The Roger Rabbit costume character was very prominent in promotional material for the opening of the Disney-MGM Studios theme park in 1989.  Many of the nods to Who framed Roger Rabbit have disappeared from the park.  Most of the film vehicles have been assigned to the boneyard along the tram tour route.  The Benny the Cab ‘buggy’ can still be seen in the restaurant and gift shop area where Acme Gagworks had been.

A billboard promoting Maroon Studios is still mounted atop a Hollywood Boulevard building, facing Echo Lake.  Below the billboard, on the second floor of the building, is the window of Eddie Valiant’s office – with Roger Rabbit’s silhouette cut through the blinds of the adjoining window.

Elsewhere in Walt Disney World – Roger is present as a small statue in the rotunda entrance of the Casting Building, across from Downtown Disney.  Roger is also in a mural in the Casting Building, along the ramp from the rotunda to the office area.

Pop Century Resort was opened in 2003.  A giant sculpture of Roger, atop a barrel of Dip, is located in a courtyard in the 1980s complex.Roger Rabbit can sometimes be seen in seasonal decorations.  He occasionally makes costume character appearances.