V-neck sweaters


It is not difficult to find photos of Richard Williams wearing a V-neck sweater.  It is what he wore most often on the few times that he visited the Glendale crew at the 1400 Airway building.  He had little interaction with the crew.  The animators appreciated Williams’ talent as an animator, but they chafed at his sullen behavior while visiting and the belittlement of their work in the comparisons made with the London crew.  On his last visit to Glendale, several of the animators conspired to wear V-neck sweaters and prompted Williams into a group photo.  There was some mugging and eye-rolling for the camera, but Williams seemed oblivious to it… or chose to just let it go.


Richard Williams at 1400 Airway in Glendale
Richard Williams at 1400 Airway in Glendale

L-to-R:  Dave Spafford, Dave Nethery, Kent Holaday, Frans Vischer, Richard Williams, Dave Pacheco, Matt O’Callaghan, Bill Frake


caricature of Williams from mid-1980scaricature of WilliamsWilliams and Muller at Chadneys the day after Oscars


Williams at New York City premiere
World Premiere at Radio City Music Hall in New York City

Williams at premiere in NYC


Williams in Newsweek magazine 0 June 27, 1988
from Newsweek – June 27, 1988

crew photo in St. Martin's Garden, Camden Townroute meeting at The Forumroute meeting at The Forum

Williams working on Roger Rabbit at The Forummeeting with Zemeckis at The Forum

Williams with awards at 13 Soho Square

cover of Animator MagazineWilliams working on The Thief

Williams with Vincent Price
Williams with Grim Natwick
Williams with Vincent Price and John Culhane
Williams with Art Babbitt
Williams with John and Ward Kimball

Williams at 13 Soho Squareearly Williams