The Forum – building layout

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Entry to the building was off Camden St.  A commissionaire sat at a small desk as security.  The production initially had two floors of the building, but expanded quickly to occupy the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors.  As people were hired, they sat whether there was open space, but the various departments were eventually consolidated… with Animation occupying the 5th floor.  Access was generally by means of the elevator.  This is the ground floor elevator entrance… in 2015.

The Forum - ground floor elevator entrance, 2015

There was also a stairway for the energetic types… as seen in 2015.The Forum - stairway, 2015The Forum stairwell - 2015

It is an old Georgian warehouse building, with high ceilings… so there were a lot of steps.  The crew used the stairs for more creative purposes.

The Forum stairwell - 1988

Each floor had a central foyer.  Arrival on the 3rd floor brought you to the main studio entrance.  This is how it looked in 1988.

The Forum - 3rd Floor doorway, 1988

This is how it looked in 2015.

Early in the production you would have been greeted by Holly Russell.  In 1988, you would be greeted by Nicola Jane Moylan.

Nicola Jane Moylan, receptionist - 1988

In 2015, the 5th Floor plan can be seen in the fire/security system panel.  In 1988, there was a drawing to let the crew know where everybody else was after the departments were consolidated.

The Forum - 5th floor layout, 2015The Forum - 5th floor plan, 1988

Here are some earlier layout drawings of how things were set up on the 5th and 3rd floors.

early floor plan - The Forum - 5th floor, 1987early floor plan - The Forum - 3rd floor, 1987

Here are some photos of the 5th floor…

5th Floor - Glenn Sylvester5th Floor - Nick Fletcher and Alan Simpson5th floor - Nick Fletcher adjusting umbrella light shades5th floor conference - Hahn, Zemeckis, Williams5th Floor - animators5th floor - animators5th floor - animators at play

And here is how the 5th floor looked after ‘Who framed Roger Rabbit‘, when the building was occupied by Richard Williams Animation for the production of ‘The Thief and the Cobbler.

5th Floor at The Forum during The Thief, 1990